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Question: Where do you start when creating a story? 

Brenton: “I start with the characters.”

This interactive workshop is a snapshot into Brenton's creative process and how he creates his characters and stories, from his daily warm up sketches to the meat and bones of each character (literally)

“Drawing is great fun but nothing more than a relationship between lines and shapes.” See how Brenton breaks character creation into simple steps then creates a character from scratch and scribbles with an on-the-spot back story to match. Once he has walked the group through the process, he then hands over the reins for each student to design their own character.  Then watch as a back story for your character naturally unfolds.

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Brenton McKenna’s Presentation titled ‘My Life in Cartoons’ is a rich insight into the creation of his Award-winning graphic novel series called ‘Ubby’s Underdogs’ the story of a young Aboriginal girl called Ubby who is the leader of a small street gang called the underdogs set in post WW II Broome. From the moment the Underdogs meet a strange Chinese girl called Sai Fong, their lives are thrown into turmoil, and they are forced to confront ancient legends and a mysterious and dangerous enemy from beyond the horizon. 

Brenton talks about his childhood growing up in Broome from being madly in love with ghost stories to difficulties he had learning how to read. 

Brenton also goes in detail the adversity he overcame to bring his graphic novel series to life, from the many knock backs he got from publishers through to bringing Ubby's Underdogs to the International readers. 

Brenton shares the secrets he learnt to creating comic books, experiences he has had so far as a published graphic novelist and his never ending to find ghost stories and monsters all over Australia.

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